Nooni - English


mbaa1MMnvuprooted; from baa
mbaa2LLnvact of hoeing or cleaning; from baa
mbaancɛMMLnv1gathering; from baancɛ2harvesting
mbaanfiɛɛMMHHHnum20, cardinal number twenty
mbaanfiɛɛ ncow mwaaŋMMHHH L LLnum21, cardinal number twenty one
mbaanshenMMmlmban shienum50, cardinal number fifty
mbaanshen ncow mwaaŋMMml L LLnum51, cardinal number fifty one
mbaanshɛMMMnum30, cardinal number thirty
mbaanshɛ ncow mwaaŋMMM L LLnum31, cardinal number thirty one
mbaanyɛMMmlnum40, the cardinal number forty
mbaanyɛ ncow mwaaŋMMml L LLnum41, cardinal number forty one
mbacabombacaLL.LLLn1/2basketry rattles used as a musical instrument
mba ɛjisɛlh MMMidperson in a poor healthKoŋla nu ɛ mba ɛjise.Kongla is in poor health.
mbambombamM.LMdiuw di mbam en1/21country Sunday; the second day after village market day when normal work is not done, but rather people rest and visit friends or do community work2Sunday according to the English calendar during which Christians gather to worship God
mban mvuŋkuumbomban mbuŋkuumL MHM.LL MHMn1/2juju house
mbaŋbvuukɛMLLMnum90, cardinal number ninety
mbaŋɛMLnvcovers or wrappers; from baŋndvubaŋ
mbaŋnyaŋMLnum80, cardinal number eighty
mbaŋsoocaanMMHLLnum60, cardinal number sixty
mbaŋsooshwiyMMMhlmbaŋ soswi; mbaŋ soshwinum70, cardinal number seventy
mbasembáseLL.HHn9/10soup; generic term for fish, beef, pork,vegetables; anything eaten with fufuMbase buu ɛ fii me kelum kin.I have lost appetite for huckleberry this year.
mbase buumbáse buuLL HM.HH HMn9/10njama-njama, huckleberry, the main vegetables served with corn fufu
mbase buu
mbay1bombayMn1/2a piece or section of something like kola nut
mbay2bombayMn1/2cobbing of maize
mbeeMLnvfaith; strong belief; trust; confidence; firm reliance; from beelese fitɛle; lese fitele