Nooni - English


MbemHnpriver flowing through the Noni area
MbenMMbinnppalace in Nkor
mbeneɛmbenML.Mmln5/61breast; either of the two parts of a woman’s body that produce milk2milk from the breast
MbeneMMnpa Royal family found in Nkor
mbenseLLmbɛnsinv1praise; the expression of admiration and the recognition of honour, goodness, worth and value; from bense2worship; the act of showing great reverence, honour, respect, etc., especially to God or a god
mbeŋMadj1alone; without anyone else2masculine name
mbew1hlprep1beside2near3sidenceenceencejole, ntamndwee
mbew2Lnv1mathematics; the branch of knowledge dealing with measurements, numbers, and quantities, also known as arithmetic; from bew2calculation; the process of working or finding something out mathematically
mbew3bombewL.LLnv1/21argument; a disagreement or quarrel; from bew2debate; to discuss or consider opposing points of view or ideasbew
mbeybombeyL.LLn1/2trap used to catch larger animals such as monkeys; bamboos are pinned into the ground forcing the animal in one direction; a weight of rocks or logs are placed over the trap area and a sliding door, which when the animal releases the trap the stones or logs push the sliding door and it imprisons the animal alive
mbeyke1HHvascend to a level place, to reach the topmbeykembeykeembeykeèmbeykɛɛ
mbeyke2HHvtake a big drink or gulp of water or any liquidmbeykembeykeembeykeèmbeykɛɛshwiyke
mbeysheŋbombeysheŋLL.LLLn1/2small animal
mbɛmbɛ́L.mln9/10seedling; a new young plant grown from a seed
MbɛɛMLvochonorific title of the nfonNyaa, bvule, bó
mbɛɛmbɛɛ ɛkalɛbombɛɛmbɛɛ ɛkalɛLLHL MMM.LLLHL MMMn1/2little toe
mbɛɛmbɛsembɛ́ɛmbɛseLLLLmbembɛn9/10bird species referred to as a Quelea bird; this bird is often destructive to farm crops such as sorghum; usually in a large flock or swarm
mbɛleMLnvweeding; the act of pulling out weeds; from bɛlenaamɛɛ
mbiay1dimbiay, dimbiaciMH.MMHn5/13lie; an untrue statement purposely made in order to deceive someone
mbiay2MHvlie; tell an untruth or falsehoodFo wo mbiaytè mbiay kɛ.You should not be telling lies.mbiayɛmbiaytembiaytèmbiayɛɛ
mbieŋembíeŋeLMMM.MMMMn9/101traditional iron clapper bell made by a blacksmith2any large gong or bell used to summon people; often the metal wheel of a moto (motor bike) suspended from a cross bar and struck with another piece of metal
mbifebombifeML.LMLn1/21question; a sentence or phrase that requests an answer2a difficulty or matter to be solved3an expression of doubtMe ŋgomte mbife mbife.I want to ask a question.
mbikɛnbombikɛnLL.LLLn1/2small round grinding stone used for soft grinding things on a flat stonejinɛ, ŋgow
mbinbombinL.LLn1/2scrotum; a pouch or sack of skin between the legs which contains the testicles in males and most mammals