Nooni - English


mbom1lhnv1clay soil; from bom2body in a figurative sensekencaa
mbom2bombomlh.Llhnv1/21creation; all that exists: the universe, the world, and all things; from bom2created thing or material thing3living creature
mbondimbonhl.Mhlnv5/13boring utensil used for stitching; from bonkencufe
mbon'yɛLLnvprick; a light puncture; from bon
mboŋ bweL lhid1a female dog which is continually with male dogs2metaphorically referring to a sexually aggressive woman
mbooMLnv1fertility or the ability to bear offspring or children; from boo2reproduction
mbookemanbombookemanMMLH.LMMLHn1/2kind of shrub, used for making various type of keman (reconciliation)
mboo mwaaŋML LLnvrelated by blood; from booɛlɛmɛ kemwaaŋ
mboyLnv1way of avoiding destruction, loss, ruin, or failure; from boy2Bibl.salvation; in the Christian faith, the saving of a person’s soul from the power and penalty of sin; the state of being saved from sin by the substitutionary death of Christ on the cross3freedommboyse
mboyse1bomboyseLL.LLL1n1/2saviour; a person who saves another person from ruin, destruction, failure, loss, or death; from boy2nv1/2Bibl.refers especially to Jesus Christ who came unto the world to save sinners by His death on the cross and resurrection from the deadmboy
mboyse2LL.LLLnv1/2a word used to refer to prostitutes
mbuŋ1bombuŋM.LMn1/2gonorrhoea; a sexually transmitted disease
mbuŋ2mbúŋM.Hn9/101fish habitat2horizontal or vertical hollow into the shorelinetfum
mbuulambombuulamLLL.LLLLLamnsoʼkeyuun1/2sweet potato
mbuwmaLHnv1grace in the general sense of love, goodness and undeserved favor from another and especially from God; from buw2graced with a title that raises a person to a new and higher social levelbuw, kembonɛnbuw
mbuwsɛbombuwsɛLL.LLLn1/2blister; a bump under the skin filled with a thin, watery liquid, caused by rubbing, burning, etc
mbvuumMLn151palm wine; a sweet liquid obtained from the raffia palm that becomes a fermented (alcoholic) drink2a general word for all alcoholic winesKɛ me ŋ'wuu mbvuum kɛ.I don’t drink palm wine.sɛŋ, mvunyasem, ntekɛ, keghaŋ, fuwe, dione, nsɛŋ, sheŋ
mbvuum mò baaML M HHn15palm wine
mbvuw1Ln14width or breadth; the distance from side to sidenci
mbvuw2bombvuwM.LMn1/2dark rat which digs much in the ground and removes the dirt
mbwaanbombwaanML.LMLn1/2pillow; something used as a cushion for the head when sleeping
mbwaashɛLLLadjcrumbly; something that should be sticking or holding together, but does not and comes apart; such as bricks or fufu that won’t stick or hold together
mbwaŋbombwaŋM.LMn1/2gift that is thrown for people to pick up; the fastest or quickest person gets the greatest share
mbwaŋkaŋŋLHideovery pale, dehydrated, or emaciatedNa’ nu mbwaŋkaŋŋ.The cow is emaciated (very "pale").
mbwaŋkeHHvthrow something such as corn down carelesslykeembwaŋkembwaŋkembwaŋsembwaŋsèmbwaŋkɛɛmwase