Nooni - English


mocɛLHvstir or crush garden eggs or pepper into soupkeemocɛmocɛmocimocìmocɛɛ
mocɛ wanLH Mvputting to birth too soon while a mother is still nursing; the stigma of how a child is affected negatively when a nursing mother becomes pregnant; the child may be malnourishedBamfila nu ɛ mocɛ wan.Lit. Bamfila has crushed the child.mocɛ wanmoci wanmocì wanmocɛɛ wan
mokemokeLLLLideosoftDiole di Kembee le nu mokemoke.Kembee’s boil is ready to burst (soft).
mom1dimomhl.Mhln5/131trial; the fact or state of being tried by suffering, temptation, etc2test; a number of questions or problems designed to measure one’s knowledge or aptitude3something done to find out if a thing is good, durable, efficient
mom2Mv1test or try something2taste something3pushing someone to the limit to see what they will do4dare to do something, with the sense that it should not be done5provoke; to intentionally annoy or harassMe momte lo.I am trying.keemommomɛmomtemomtèmomɛɛtelɛ
momcɛLHv1reach for2feel something with the handkeemomcɛmomcɛmomcimomcìmomcɛɛ
mom ŋkuuŋM LLLv1fail; to be unsuccessful in something or to miss performing something expected2try in vainmomɛ ŋkuuŋmomte ŋkuuŋmomtè ŋkuuŋmomɛɛ ŋkuuŋ
monamMmln15boil that swells around the thighs
moncɛɛmMHHn15the back part of the leg between the knee and ankle called the calf
monciimMHHmoncilemquantall; quantifier specifying the whole, noun class 15
MondvuumMMLnpspringtime; the planting season of the months of March, April, May
monɛnLhlproyour; second person plural possessive pronoun, class 15
monffumMmln15kind of very large tree
monjaamMMLn151urine; human and animal liquid waste that passes from the body2sperm; the male fertilizing fluid also called semen
monjaam mo fikan eMML M LM Hn15kind of grass used for curing weaknesses on the feet or legs by whipping
monjaaŋMHMn151castor oil2vegetable
monjiimMHHn15kind of rhizome grass
monjiim mo gbwe leMHH M L Hn15an oily, sticky kind of grass which is used to kill chicken fleas
monlumMLn151great pain or agony2stress3unrest or unsettledness4distress5dread or extreme fearMonlum nu dvú Noone nje kencɛm kin!There is distress in Noni because of this sickness (AIDS).nlucɛ, bay, nsase
monshɛɛmMHMn15sand; very fine loose pieces of rock that have been worn down, found in rivers and in desertsŋkpwaantewoŋ sɛ ɛgay
monshiimLMLn151vegetable2oil from burnt kernels used to mix with some traditional medicines for young children
montomMMn151limestone; stone consisting essentially of calcium carbonate2potash3sodium bicarbonate
moŋkan1Mmln15tree with leaves, bark and roots which are very medicinal
moŋkan2Hmln151agreement; an understanding or arrangement made between two or more people, groups, countries, etc2covenant or testament; a formal, binding agreement between two or more people or groupsMoŋkan mo monfɛm,New Testament.3a traditional blessing which one receives only from his maternal unclensuudiɛw
moŋkan3Mmln15very short grass with small flat leaves