Nooni - English


moŋkɛŋLLn15peace plant; widely used to show peace; for making boundaries; may be put on any property or food items concerning the palace; sent traditionally to people as convocations
moŋkfun'yɛɛMMLLn151pus; a thick yellowish liquid that forms in infected wounds2milky liquid from some trees
moŋkoŋɛMMLn15eyebrows; the hair covering the bony ridge above the eye; the eyebrows help prevent dirt and moisture from entering the eyes
moŋkumMHn15praises; expressions of admiration, honour, respect, acknowledging worth; compliment
moo1bomooHL.LHLbaban1/2nfon ’s brother
moo2bomooLL.LLLn1/2family or larger kin group
moocɛLLHv1often2soon3wait a while4tarrykeemoocɛmoocɛmoocimoocìmoocɛɛyekɛ
mooncɛHHHv1trample; to step heavily with the feet so as to injure, destroy, or crush2flattenmooncɛmooncimooncìmooncɛɛ
mosɛseLHLmosɛsenproour; first person plural possessive pronoun, class 15Man nu moŋkom mosɛsen.These are our ladders.
mowcɛmowcɛHLHLHLHL1adjvery little space in between2adjclosely3ideopoorly spacedKenjee jewyi bilɛŋ mowcɛmowcɛ.Kenjee is planting groundnuts not well spaced.
mowenɛmobowenɛMMH.MLMHprothird person plural possessive pronoun, class 15; logophoric pronoun used only in reported speech
mowmowHHvincoherent in speakingmowmowmowmowemowmowèmowmowɛɛ
moy2hlvlightWan nu moy moy.The child is going to light the torch.moyɛmoytemoytèmoyɛɛ
mu1bomuL.Lhlquantany or a certain, noun class 1/2
mu2hl.Hquantany or a certain, noun class 3
mumMmu, m'adv1then2at that timeƐ fimaŋgaan fidvu mum ka.This story is finished.
MuŋkoŋLLnpdancing juju with xylophone and bells
mutubomutuHL.LHLEnglish:motorn1/2motor vehicleWvú guute mutu.He drives a moto.ketɛntɛn
muwmlproyour; second person singular possessive pronoun, class 15Moŋkom man nu monkom muw e?Are these your ladders?
mvu1Mvshave hairkeemvumvuɛmvuumvuùmvuɛ
mvu2Massocof or belonging to; associative marker which follows noun class 12 words to show some kind of relationship, association with, or possession by the following wordBen dioo nu yî kentaashɛ le, ɛ mwɛɛm mvu yew mum no bonɛne fô ben e, fiɛɛ saa bvuu tɛmyi kɛ.When you are in unity, things in the house will be easy for you people, things will not be difficult again.
mvu3L.Mhldet1other; determiner specifying a particular thing, noun class 12some3any
mvu-Mpfxprefix of class 12 nouns which are always plural