Nooni - English


mvúHpro1they; third person singular pronoun class 122those
mvùLrel prowhich; relative pronoun, class 12Ɛ̀ nu mwɛɛm mvu la mvù ben jemyi?Which of these things are you talking about?
mvuboleMHHprotheir; third person plural possessive prounoun, class 12
mvuboweneMLMHprotheirs; third person plural possessive pronoun, class 12; logophoric pronoun used only in reported speech
mvudienHMMadjdescribes edibles or things that may be eaten; noun class 12 adjective
mvufemvufeHLHLideo1soft2smoothYe finse nu mvufemvufe.The cat feels soft.
mvukemvukeLLLLmvufemvufeadjsoft texture
mvuleeHLLmɛlee. mvuliiadjsmooth; not rough; fuzzy; hairy and soft to the touch
mvun1Mdetthese; determiner specifying certain things, noun class 12Ɛ̀ baancì mwɛɛm mvun.You should be packing these things.
mvun2bomvunhl.Lhlmunn1/2arrow; a thin straight stick with a point at one end which is shot from a long piece of bent wood (bow), used in hunting
mvunaŋLLn1/21campaign; an organized action in support of a cause or movement, usually of a political nature2conspiracy; a secret plan to do something unlawful
MvunaŋLLnp1royal family juju2name, given to males
mvunciimMHHmvuncilemquantall or the whole; quantifier, noun class 12Mwɛɛm mvunciim nu ɛ fie yew.Everything in the house burned.
mvunɛnLhlproyour, second person plural possessive pronoun, class 12
mvunjɛywuLLHnpcompound of the Mvunjɛy
MvunjoŋgonMLMLnpquarter in Nkor
mvunlaaLLLn1/21disorder2squabbles or quarrels3finding faultmvuŋkicɛn
mvun'yaaŋLLLn1/21the start or beginning of a more serious coming issue2herald
mvuŋgayLMbvuŋgayn1/21power2strength3authority to command or accomplish thingsLɛ kentaashɛ nu mvuŋgay.That unity is power.
mvuŋgishimLHHn1/2mumps; a contagious disease affecting the glands at the back of the jaw
mvuŋkaŋLLn1/2gunpowder; an explosive powder introduced into the Noni area
mvuŋkfuseLLHn1/21measles; a contagious disease marked by fever and spots on the skin2pimples; small inflamed spots on the skin
mvuŋkufem mvuŋkufemMMH MMHbikufɛ bikufɛadjbony
mvuŋkunsɛnLLHn151gossip; to talk about other people’s affairs in a manner which is not always truthful and is often spiteful or malicious2back biting3slander; a false report made maliciously with the intention of damaging a person’s reputation, usu. an oral statementkunsɛn