Nooni - English


nyilɛ ɛjisɛLH MMMvshy awaynyilɛ ɛjisɛnyile ɛjisɛnyilè ɛjisɛnyilɛɛ ɛjisɛ
NyimLfonyimnpdry season; the months of December-March
nyim ɛ fesɛnnyím ɛ fesɛnL M MLn9/10drought; a time when there is little rainfall
nyimshienyímshieMLL.HHHn9/10cock; male chickenShie yin yaa to tuute ɛge kɛ, njefo nyimshie to yaa koole yî dvú le kɛ.The hen never laid eggs because there was no cock to cross it.
nyinjoonyíinjooLMM.HHHn9/10firefly; a soft-bodied night-time beetle with luminous abdominal organs that produce flashing light
nyiŋnyíŋL.Mn9/10bird referred to as a scaly francolin; brown in colour with orange-red legs; a ground bird found in thick underbrush; its nest is a shallow area scraped out of the ground and lined with grass and plant stems; its call is a loud "hu-hu-hu-hurr" sound that can be heard far away, often about sunrise or sunsetFrancolinus squamatus
nyiwMv1elastic2does not get soft when cooked3very strong to be defeated especially in fighting or running a long distancekeenyiwnyiwɛnyiikenyiikènyiwɛɛ
NyoʼL.LLnp1God; the Most High God who is Creator of the heavens and the earthƐ Maalia bense Nyoʼ.Mary praised God.
nyoʼ ɛ coŋ wanL M M Midliterally "god has stolen a child"; the experience when a child goes missing and is found hours or days later. It is believed he has been stolen by a god for that time. The child is usually discovered alone in a cave or by a stream usually within the week. The child is usually found not crying, not sad, and dressed with special syrups or twigs
Nyoʼ fiL Hexan exclamation, "God help"
nyoʼ jisebonyoʼ bo ɛjisɛ leL MH.LL M MMM Hn1/2cornea; the transparent covering of the eyeball
nyo mbiɛlɛŋM LLH.M HHHn9/10cutlass with two sides sharpened
Nyoʼ mbomL HnpGod who creates all things
nyoŋŋLideosilentƐ Jesus wam nffum ɛ wvú gɛn nɛn nyoŋŋ.Jesus ordered the storm and it became silent.